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Our factory, Jiangxi New Style Special Technology Co., Ltd. develops and sells “28-homo-brassinolide”, “24-epi-brassinolide” and “28-epi-homo-brassinolide” with the quality higher than that of similar products by 2% to 4%, and thus receives recognition and trust from clients at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we have achieved critical breakthroughs in the “propionyl brassinolide”, which is being developed. We believe that brassinolide with the highest activity, the longest persistence and the best safety performance will take its place on the market in the near future, and bring good news to those farmers who desire for quality improvement, increase in production and safety production.
We learn from the best at abroad and purse the best quality at home. We promise to provide brassinolide TC with the best quality, the highest content yet the fewest impurities for our clients!

     90%TC   95%TC   98%TC   0.1%SP   0.1%SL   0.01%EC   0.01%SC 

XUZHOU FENGWEI CHEMICAL FACTORY is the appointed pesticide formulation production by the Ministry of P.R. China. It's the professional manufacturer to produce metaldehyde,nilcosamide etc. molluscicide in China. It can produce formulation type granule, WP and can design and produce different recipe of Mollusicide as customer requirements, in order to provide customers with professional solutions.

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