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28-Homobrassinolide TC;
24-Epibrassinolide TC;

1. Physiological effect of Brassinolide
Brassinolide is the active plant growth hormone of high efficiency, broad spectrum and non-toxicity. The plant physiologist thought as follows:
Fully stimulate the potency in plants; promoting cell elongation and division in plants; enhance photosynthesis; resist the damage of low temperature, increase crop yield (using brassinolide at the flowering period can increase the yield of corn, wheat, tomato, cucumber and eggplant)
Improve resistance( brassinolide has obvious cold resistance, drought resisting and salt resistance, especially in bad natural conditions, the alleviator of adverse situation)disease resistant (brassinolide can improve the resistance of disease, but useless to rice blast and powdery mildew of cucumber)
Meanwhile brassinolide can alleviate the disease of herbicide for crop and reduce the pesticide residue in crops.
2. Application value of brassinolide
CAS NO.: 74174-44-0
Formulation: 90%TC, 0.01%SP, 0.1%SP, 0.1%SL
Chemical name: 
Chemical Formula: C28H48O6
Molecular Weight: 480.7
3.Physical and Chemical Properties 
Brassinolide is white crystal, Melting point: 225-258; The solubility in water is 5mg/L, can dissolve in methanol, ethanol, THF and acetone etc.
Brassinolide can increase the activity of RNA polymerase and content of RNA, DNA; Increase the activity of membrane potential and ATP enzyme; Strengthen auxin effect. 
3.1 Promote the growth of root system and seedings;
3.2 Promote vegetative growth;
3.3 Promote reproductive growth;
3.4 Increase crop resilience.
The dosage of brassinolide is very low, and it can be made SP, AS, EC, SL etc. Common dosage: 0.01%SL, 0.1%SP, 0.01% EC, 0.01%SP, 0.1% AS. 
Brassinolide can used foliage spray, drip irrigation or with water-soluble fertilizer. Recommend dosage: foliage spray 0.01-0.1 mg/L; drip irrigation 0.01-0.05 g (a.i)/mu; With water soluble fertilizer 0.05-0.5 g (a.i)/mu.

 Apperiance             White to pale yellow powder
 Brassinolide content 90% min.
 Methyl alcohol  Insoluble  Matter0.2% max.
  H2O2.0% max.
 Basic information
Product Brassinolide 
Formulations  0.0016%,0.0075%,0.004%,0.04% AS; 0.01%,0.15% EC,0.1% SP;0.01% SL;80% 85%,90% TC. 
Chemical Name (22R, 23R, 24S)-2a, 3a, 22, 23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5a-cholestan-6-one    


Brassinolide is a steroidal plant growth regulator. Its function includes:

Promote the growth of plant to increase yield

Raise the ratio of fruit bearing and increase the unit weight.

Enhance the resistance of the plant to drought and cold weather

Enhance the immunity of the plant. Used in tissue culture, regulate thedifferentiation of the tissue.

Packing 1 kg net aluminium bag.

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