INDOXACARB 85%(3:1), 95%TC(9:1)
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INDOXACARB 85%(3:1), 95%TC(9:1)


Indoxacarb has a unique mechanism of action. It is rapidly transformed into DCJW (n.2-demethoxycarbonyl metabolite) in insects. DCJW acts on the inactivated voltage-gated sodium channel of insect nerve cells, irreversibly blocks the nerve impulse transmission in insects, destroys the nerve impulse transmission, and leads to dyskinesia, inability to eat, paralysis and eventually death .

This insecticide is used to control sucking insects like Bollworm, Pink bollworms, Spotted bollworms, Cutworms, including Heliothis,lacanobia,

Fruitworm, White apple leafhopper, Codling moth , Pandemis leafroller etc in various crops like Cotton, Apple, Pome fruit, Potato, Plum and some vegetables etc.. 

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